Entering the fourth semester, students from various majors at FPT Polytechnic College in Ho Chi Minh City are once again busy with the implementation of Project 1. This is one of the two significant projects in the students’ learning process at FPT Polytechnic.

On the morning of April 25th, students from class WD14101 successfully defended Project 1 with many projects of high practical value. Among them, the “Vecasa” project by three students Hong Son – Duy Thien – Huy Hoang, currently studying at FPT Polytechnic College, has been praised by instructors, and the initial stages of the project have been successful.

The Vecasa project was executed by the student team in less than 2 months.

In less than two months of working on the Vecasa project, the student team has excellently completed the project according to the client’s requirements. From data collection, analysis, design to web coding, the team has put in their utmost effort under the guidance of lecturer Tran Ba Ho.

Closely monitoring and supporting the project implementation, lecturer Tran Ba Ho – from the Information Technology Department at FPT Polytechnic College – shared: “To stimulate exploration, learning, and help students meet real-world needs, I chose a group with potential for this project. Throughout the project, the students actively sought out new knowledge to apply to the project in the best possible way. I highly appreciate their spirit of learning. The project, as presented in the recent report, has exceeded the maximum requirements of the course.” Furthermore, Tran Ba Ho also mentioned that the students explored and applied programs such as jQuery, AJAX into the website, sending emails to communicate with clients, sending membership registration information, sending order confirmation information, order processing progress… all processes were carried out meticulously and comprehensively.

Regarding the project’s development direction, Hong Son – a student specializing in web design – said: “The team sincerely thanks lecturer Tran Ba Ho for trusting and assigning the project to us. Due to time constraints, the website is not yet fully completed. If we had more time, we would add more features to make the website more complete, for example, allowing customers to log in with Facebook or Google accounts, sorting or viewing lists of products, articles, product filtering…”

It is known that the Vecasa project of the team achieved 9.5 points, which is a deserving result for the efforts of the three members Son – Thien – Hoang. Speaking about the students’ development direction, lecturer Tran Ba Ho affirmed that if the students maintain their current effective work and work spirit, they will undoubtedly be sought after by businesses after graduation.

Sharing about future plans, lecturer Tran Ba Ho said: “Many lecturers have already incorporated real-world projects into their courses, and it has been very successful. I believe there will be even more real-world projects for students to experience and execute to the best of their abilities. We will continue to create opportunities, select the best students, for them to have the right internship experience, as per the motto of FPT Polytechnic College.”

Let’s take a look at some images of the Vecasa project by the student team:

This is a project implemented with a real client.

This is a project implemented with a real client.


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